Combined University Admission 2020-21

Combined University Admission Circular 2020-2021After so many ups and downs, 19 students in major universities combined admission  2020 the admission be agreed to. Since then the news has been a great relief for students and parents. Many of its benefits are still unknown as the process is not final.

We will try to provide a complete summary of the combined University Admission / Cluster System University Admission here so that the potential candidates can find all the details like Admission Notification, Eligibility, How to Apply, Distribution of Marks, etc. in one place. And let’s start without any reason.

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Combined University Admission Circular 2020-2021

As per the meeting of the Vice-Chancellors of the universities interested in adopting the combined university admission system, the admission notification of the cluster system will be published as soon as the coronavirus situation improves. Also, this system is subject to publication of HSC results as students will need a certain GPA in SSC and HSC to apply for admission.

You will find the following highlights when the combined university admission notification is published.

  • Application start date: Will will be published soon
  • Application Closing Date: Will be published soon
  • Fee: Will be released soon
  • Exam Schedule and Venue: Will be published soon

How to take the cluster admission test?

Since agricultural universities are giving a bunch of admission tests from previous sessions, we are omitting them here. Others will make the combined admission system more moderate. So far, universities will be divided into three clusters based on their type. Here are the clusters you need to see in the notification.

  • General Public University, University of Science and Technology
  • University of Engineering
  • Agricultural University

Combined university admission system (Combined University Admission Circular)

A total of five examinations will be held in the combined university admission system. General Public University and University of Science and Technology (Science, Humanities and Business Studies) three, for the University of Engineering and one for the University of Agriculture. This uniform approach will reduce a lot of hassle for students and parents.

Examinations will be held based on the HSC syllabus and ICT will be a common subject for each group. Candidates will have to answer 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on various subjects where some subjects will be compulsory and some others will be optional.

A merit list will be prepared to evaluate the candidates. Once the results are published, universities can determine the minimum number of admissions required individually and this may vary from one university to another.

Those who have passed HSC in 2019 or 2020 can apply for combined university admission but it will depend on the universities whether they will consider eligible candidates who have passed HSC in 2019 which will be true in their admission notification.

Also, universities will decide individually how much GPA they are considering from SSC and HSC exams. A required minimum GPA has been declared eligible for the admission test of the cluster system which we will discuss in the next section.

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A minimum GPA is required to apply

Eligibility barriers for the combined university admissions system have been made uniform for all universities in this process this year. They will need a certain minimum GPA to apply for admission. For your convenience, we’ve listed the minimum GPA required for the various groups below.

  • For the students of the Science group, a minimum GPA of 7.00 in total in SSC and HSC is required.
  • students of the Business Studies group, a minimum GPA of 6.50 in total in SSC and HSC is required.
  • For the students of the Humanities group, a minimum GPA of 6.00 in total in SSC and HSC is required.
  • Candidates for each group must not have less than a GPA of 3.00 in any of these two exams else they will not be eligible for admission.

How to apply online? (Combined University Admission Circular)

The application process is still quite foggy as separate admission notifications from universities are not yet live. However, we assume that the process will be the same for all universities. So, here is a quick review of the application process that you may need to follow.

Please see the original cluster system admission notice for more details or keep an eye here as we will continue to update the latest information continue

  • Go to the university website or any individual website for the combined university admission system mentioned in the notification.
  • Click Apply to start the process.
  • Fill in all required information like Roll No. / Reg No., Name of SSC and HSC Boards, Year of Examination, etc.
  • If everything is OK, click the submit button.

Admission cards and other details regarding admission results will also be updated here as soon as possible.

Distribution of admission test marks

It is important to know the distribution of admission marks in the combined university as it will help the candidates to prepare according to their group and individual strength. There will be a complete breakdown of the distribution of marks in the admission test of the cluster system.

Science Group

Science group examinees need to answer four compulsory subjects, the numbers of which are as follows.

  • Bengali – 10
  • English – 10
  • Physics – 20
  • Chemistry – 20

There will be three more elective subjects from which candidates need to answer at least two subjects. The distribution of symbols for alchemy is as follows:

  • Biology – 20
  • Mathematics – 20
  • ICT – 20

Business Studies Group

Mark distribution is quite easy for Business Studies Group and candidates need to answer four compulsory questions here. They are:

  • Accounting – 25
  • Business Management – 25
  • Language (Bangla + English) – 25 (13 + 12)
  • ICT – 25

Humanitarian team

Subjects are easier for the human group with only three mandatory subjects.

  • Bengali – 40
  • English – 35
  • ICT – 25

The final verdict

Take a moment to digest all the information related to the combined university admission system/cluster system admission test and prepare yourself for the upcoming battle. Since the admission test will be the same for all the universities, there is a great opportunity to prove yourself and get admission in any one of your dreams.

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