How To Get HSC Result 2020 Using Mobile SMS?

HSC Result 2021 via SMS Search for HSC Result 2021 via SMS The main topic of this post is ic  Mobile SMS is  HSC Result 2020, and other public exam results is a modern system for testing. Let’s talk about how to get HSC results. In the age of modern technology, sending SMS is the new and popular way to get HSC exam results 2020. However, many students are not aware of this system.

So, I will give you all the instructions about HSC Results 2020 BD Check SMS later. You should keep in mind that you will get the results through this system after the results are released by the Board of Education Bangladesh authorities. The result is operated and controlled by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

HSC Result 2020 by SMS

Send SMS for HSC Exam Results You will need your HSC Exam Roll, Board of Education Short Code to get the results of 2020 Need Note here Education Board Short means the first 3 letters of your Board of Education. Just as you take the Secondary School Certificate (HSC) exam from the Dhaka Dhaka Board of Education, so your Dhaka Dhaka Board of Education short codes such as DHA will work. See below for short codes for all education boards

  • DHA = Dhaka Education Board
  • RAJ = Rajshahi Education Board
  • COM= Comilla Education Board
  • BAR= Barisal Education Board
  • JES= Jessore Education Board
  • CHI= Chittagong Education Board
  • DIN = Dinajpur Education Board
  • SYL= Sylhet Education Board
  • TEC= Technical Education Board
  • MAD= Madrasah Education Board

How to check HSC results 2021 via SMS

Now the question is how to send SMS to get HSC result 2020 by mobile SMS. The SMS system is a fast and smart way to get 2020 HSC results fast. You can send SMS from the SIM of any mobile operator. You have a valid mobile SIM connection and adequate balance to verify HSC Result 2020 results via your SMS.

But see the HSC Result 2020 SMS format from below. To send an SMS go to your mobile messaging option and follow the instructions below

HSC (Space) 1st 3 Letter of Education Board (Space) Your HSC Exam Roll (Space) Exam Year and Send it To 16222 Number

For Example: HSC DHA 876567 2020 and send it 16222

The above example is based on Dhaka Dhaka Board of Education and Exam Year 2020 1st Oooh! You can see below for each board HSC system.

See HSC Result 2020 SMS Format For All Education Board

  • HSC DHA 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Dhaka Board
  • HSC BAR 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Barisal Board
  • HSC COM 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Comilla Board
  • HSC CHI 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Chittagong Board
  • HSC DIN 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Dinajpur Board
  • HSC JES 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Jessore Board
  • HSC RAJ 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Rajshahi Board
  • HSC SYL 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Sylhet Board
  • Alim MAD 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Madrasah Board
  • HSC TEC 876567 2020 and send it 16222: For Technical Board

HSC exam results 2020 condition for sending SMS

To get results from the SMS system, you need to be aware of some conditions like below

  1. SMS must be sent in valid format
  2. Your account balance needs to be adequate when sending SMS
  3. Only a single (one) roll is allowed for 1 SMS
  4. Will send the results after publication by the official.

HSC Results 2020

In the final thoughts of HSC Results 2020 via SMS, we hope that you will get a clear idea about achieving results by sending SMS. If you have any questions about HSC Result 2020 by Mobile SMS, please comment below. We will try to collect answers to all your questions. Good luck and thanks for visiting your site

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