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HSC Result Published in 2020: This year’s results will be published in a new format known as  Auto PassThis year HSC results are going to be published without examination. They will announce the results in the last week of January 2021 by statistics or previous JSC and SSC results. The results will be published on the official website. Students can get HSC Exam Results 2020 from our site (Higher Certificate). The latest notification of the results of the Bangladesh Board of Education will be available here for the first time.

If you have come to search for  HSC resultsdisclose the date and time, but you are the right place to collect information.

Did you know that about 13 lakh 11 thousand 457 students took part in the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination? Among them .5.54 lakh male and 5.65 lakh female students took part in the HSC examination. is an experimental website for getting the results of the Bangladesh Board of Education.

HSC Result 2020 Board of

The Higher Secondary Certificate is the most important for the HSC Exam 2020 under all the Boards of Education. The full meaning of HSC is a high school certificate. This is the highest number under the Board of Education in Bangladesh. After completing the academic education of class XII and XII, every candidate takes part in the HSC examination. It verifies the quality of the test. Check out the Combined University Admission 2021 system

A total of 8,58,801 students have passed 13,11,457 examinations. Check out the University Admission Notification 2020 for all public universities. That’s it! Here we are going to describe the HSC exam results checking system and all other necessary information. All information is highly critical and sensitive to the examinee. Read more details below and check your results fast and free! Click here to see how to get a full mark sheet of results

  • Total number of students participating: 13,11,457
  • Number of ministerial boys: 6,54,114
  • Number of maid girls: 5,64,514
  • Total Institutions: 8,305
  • Number of boards of education: 10

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When will HSC 2020 release results?

The Board of Education will publish the results under Bangladesh 60 days after the end of the examination. However, the authorities announced that the results of all public examinations would be released sooner than in previous years. Check how the  HSC results pre-registration will be completed via SMS.

Sikka Montrir Kotha

Click here to calculate your HSC auto pass results

Last year, HSC results were released on July 17 but this year the results will be announced in the last week of January 2020 due to the coronavirus situation. SSC exams have started at the same time (both years). As per the idea, we expect that the results of the Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate will be published in the third week of December 2020. But when the exact date will be announced, you will find it here. We’ll add it here immediately after the announcement. Just stay with us here and see the updates about the dates of HSC exam results in Bangladesh.

Date of publication of HSC Results 2020

Thus, this year, HSC results 2020 will be published between 28 January 2021

So we can say that  HSC result in 2020   will be published on 28th January 2021

HSC exams or their parents who want to check their results quickly, have to go to the e-board results website. The official web address for e-board results is; After viewing the link, you need to click the Personal Results button. Then, follow the step-by-step guideline.

Get Marksheet with HSC result 2020 number? So, Click Here


Follow this:

  • See the link above
  • Click the Individual / Organization Results button
  • Select exam as HSC / Alim / Equivalent
  • Choose the year of the pass as 2020
  • Select the name of your education board
  • Select result type (individual for students, institution for teacher)
  • Enter your HSC Roll Number and Registration Number by individual selection
  • Enter the security key
  • Click “Get Results”

Check HSC results by mobile SMS?

So, you can use your personal mobile phone to check HSC Exam Results 2020 via SMS Just, check the balance of your account first. If you have a sufficient balance in your mobile account, go to the message option and type the SMS format below.

The first three letters of the HSC <space> board name <space> HSC Roll <space> 2020

Type your message options –

  • SMS System for General Board (HSC)

Send the first three letters of the name of HSC Board to Roll No. 2020 and 16222

Send to HSC (Space) DHA (Space) 1478520 (Space) 2020 16222

  • SMS system for Madrasa Education Board for Alim examinees

Send Alim <> MAD <> roll number <> 2020 and 16222

Send to Alem (Space) MAD (Space) 1478520 (Space) 2020 16222

  • SMS system for technical board examinees

Send HSC <> TEC <> roll number <> 2020 and 16222

Send to HSC (Space) TEC (Space) 1478520 (Space) 2020 16222

Send a message to 16222 now You will be charged 2.44 for sending this message. Then, you will receive an SMS of 16222. SMS will provide your results. Please note that you must send the message after the results are published. Here are the first three letters of the names of all the boards of education.

Education Board Name First Three Letters
Barisal Education Board BAR
Comilla Education Board COM
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Jessore Education Board JES
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Madrasah Education Board MAD
Technical Education Board TEC

HSC Results Dhaka Board

Board HSC results can be found at Each student can verify their results on the official websites and We can collect HSC results of Dhaka Dhaka Board of Education by sending mobile SMS. Can Board represents Dhaka Dhaka Division and a few districts represent education. According to the source, the Haka Board HSC result 2020 passing rate maybe 84.54.

Barisal Board of Education HSC examination results

The Barisal Board of Education started its journey in 1999. It is a very important educational administration and management of the Barisal Division. Every year a large number of students take part in the Board of Education examinations from the Barisal Board. You can view Barisal Board HSC Results 2020 from the Barisal website and national web-based results portal. Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the result. HSC results of the Barisal Board will be published in due course. The most common problem on the day of publication of results is how the results are available.

HSC results of Comilla Board

The students of Comilla Board were earlier under Chittagong Board Bangladesh. Now, the authorities have declared Comilla Board as a separate education board of Bangladesh. So, you can check the details of the Comilla Board Examination from the Comilla Board Official Website. If you search for Comilla Board of Education HSC Results 2019, you can collect the results from Comilla Board’s website and national web-based results publishing portal Students can also The mark sheet of Comilla Board HSC results from this site.

Chittagong Board HSC Results:

Students can search Chittagong Board HSC Results 2020 online and via SMS. Online results are available at and as well as the official website of Chittagong Board However, from the link above and the SMS system, see the mark sheet of your Chittagong Board HSC result from this site. The Board of Intermediate Education, Chittagong started its activities in 1995.

HSC results of Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur Board The largest board of education in Bangladesh gest the Dinajpur Board of Education HSC results will be published on the same date as other education boards. However, the result checking system is the same board as the others. You can also check the HSC results of the Dinajpur Board of Education from the official site of the board. Be sure to look for your Dinajpur Board HSC Result Marksheet 2020 after the results are released by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.

JSC Board HSC Exam Results

HSC Result Full Mark sheet of Jessore Board of Education and GPA will be published by other Board of Education on the same day Publish In our country, there are eight general education boards. Jessore Board is one of them. Like other education boards, Jessore board HSC results online checking system is the same Are Phil, Off-Board Choose your exam board Jessore. The results of Jessore Board of Education will be published on 19 July 2019 after 1.00 pm

Board of Education Bangladesh

Board of Education conducts and regulates Bangladesh HSC examinations. The test started on April 2 and will continue till May 15. Eight general education boards provide HSC results. The Madrasa Board provides Alim results and the Technical Board provides HSC BM results. The results of all the boards of education will be published at the same time.

The exam can check their results immediately from the official website of the Board of Education Bangladesh,, and the official website of the Specific Board of Education. You will find detailed information about specific education boards in the last parts of this post. So, find the name of your education board from this post and read the detailed information. We hope, the whole idea is available. These will help you to check your HSC results in 2019 fast and free.

Mobile SMS is the second modern system for verifying HSC exam results 2020 and other public exam results in Bangladesh. Examiners and their parents can check HSC results via mobile SMS shortly. Do you want to check your result from your mobile?

If yes, this part of this content is for you. Here you will find the complete solution to the question How to get HSC Result 2020 via SMS? Let’s start reading the full details below.

First, you need to know that the SMS system will provide instantaneous results when the Board of Education results are published online. The result is operated and controlled by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. All education processes will be served by 16222 (Teletalk Education Portal). All mobile operators are eligible to send messages to 16222.

How to check results online

The best way to check the results of the Board of Education online. All board public test results are published on the Internet. The Ministry of Education and the Board of Education control the affairs of Bangladesh. Thus, the test can quickly check their results online at 2 pm on the selected date. Only the student roll number, registration number, and board name are sufficient to check the results online.

If you are an HSC exam, parent, relative, or someone else, you will need to collect the HSC roll number, registration number, and board name. This information will provide your results online. There are two or more authorized websites available that will provide your HSC results in 2020 online.

Board of Education Results BD

Board of Education Results Govt BD is the official results check portal of the Bangladesh Board of Education. Everyone can go to this portal to check their public exam results online. JSC results, SSC results, and HSC results available here. So, you can check the examination results of all education boards throughout the year from this portal.

However, we are describing here HSC Results 2020 from Board of Education Results Govt BD. So, you will get the results of the board from Govt. Let’s go!

First look at the link to the official website (www Board of Education Results Govt. BD) and then have the necessary information ready. The information required here means examination roll number, registration number, name of the Board of Education. You need to enter all the required information and click the submit button to get your results. Then, you will display your results. You can easily get your complete results by this process after the 6th of the date of publication of results. Update Result Check Portal of Board of Education Bangladesh. This gives additional benefits to all tests. Here, the test can quickly check their results with their HSC roll number, registration number (alchemical), and board name. It will provide a complete mark sheet and mark sheet by number. So, we hope it will be more significant for HSC exams.

Results by Android Mobile App?

All Android smartphone users can check their results through the app. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has released an Android mobile app on the Google Play Store. Smartphone users can install the app directly from the Google Play Store. The installation link is available on the results page of the Board of Education check page. Just look at the Board of Education results check page Bangladesh.

Or, visit the Google Play Store and then search for “BD Result Official Android App” then you will find the app which is powered and developed by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

Click the install button to install it on your device. You must sign in with your Google Account to install the app. You can also The APK version of Android App 2020 to check the results online. Search BD Results Android App APK. Then, you will find the formula where the APK version of the file is available.

Just and install it on your device. If you have the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, just read the process of checking your results quickly and for free.

Just open the app before the results are released by the Board of Education Bangladesh. Then provide necessary information such as an exam, name of Board of Education, HSC roll number, registration number, year of passing. Then wait until the results are released. Results will be published (02:00 pm), just click the submit button to get your results.

Check results by EIIN number

Students will get results by search institution EIIN number by this method you will be able to get results and complete results of your college. Give your college EIIN number and get complete results of college Just select your board and give your college EIIN number You will get complete results for you and your colleagues.

HSC Results 2020 Marksheet:

HSC Exam 2020 under all Boards of Education can their HSC Marksheet 2020 by a letter grade and number based mark sheet. Both mark sheets are available from the date of publication of results. The Board of Education is providing number based mark sheets for all public examinations.

So, as HSC Exam 2020, you can your mark sheet with the total marks you got. Now, this is a question to along with HSC Marksit 2020 number sheet. Here we are describing this problem. If this question is yours, you can read more details below.

You can easily the General Marksheet for your HSC Result 2020 www Board of Education results from the official BD website. However, the number based HSC mark sheet is not available on that portal. Candidates will only be eligible to view their letter grade once the results are published. After a while, the authority will add the mark sheet according to the number to the server.

So, you can get HSC Marksit 2020 according to your number from www board results God BD; Just look at the link 5 minutes after the results are published In the evening you will get your mark sheet along with your subject number.

Board Challenge System:

If you have any confusion about your result, you can apply for re-verification-selection. The board challenge process is very simple. Only one Teletalk prepaid SIM needs to complete the HSC Board Challenge 2020 to re-verify the alternative name of the Board Board Challenge.

So, you can call it a result of a re-scrutiny program. Here we provide you with the complete process for re-verifying the results. Just follow our step-by-step guidelines. We hope you will be able to apply quickly for Board Challenge 2020.

First, you can request for re-verification answer sheet Find the subject code of the desired subject. Then, recharge your Teletalk prepaid mobile phone account. Remember, after recharging the account for each single subject fee 125K and joint subject fee 250K (e.g. Bengali, English, etc.), go to the message option and type the information below.

First three letters of RSC <space> board name <space> HSC roll <space> subject code

Use commas for multiple subjects. For example, if you want to apply for subject codes 101 and 107 you must send a text message: RSC XXX 123456 101,107; Here XXX is the first three letters of your board name and 123456 HSC roll number. Then send the message to 16222 from your Teletalk prepaid number.

After sending the message, you will be charged only 2.44 as an SMS charge. Then a PIN will be available on your device from 16222. You have to reply to the SMS with the following SMS format:

RSC <space> Yes <space> Pin <space> 01 XXXXXXXXX (your contact number)

After replying to the message on 16222, you will be charged the selected amount from your account. You will receive a confirmation SMS with the contact number you used in the message.

HSC Result Bangladesh Final Fin

However, HSC results are the last part of this material about 2020 BD. Anyone who reads this post can easily check his HSC results. Not only results but they can their full mark sheet, number sheet, and complete the HSC result board challenge from here.

If you need more information about HSC Exam Results 2020, you can contact us at any time. One of our experts will contact you shortly. Thank you for visiting us. You can support us by sharing this post with your friends and family. The article may be important to them as well

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