ICT Assignment Answer for Class 6,7,8,9

ICT Assignment Answer for high school students will now be available on our website. All educational institutions have been closed for almost a year due to coronavirus infection. Even so, schools are no longer open this year. The Minister of Education of Bangladesh has decided that no annual examination will be held in any school this year but a general election will be held in the form of an assignment.

The authorities of the educational institution have been compelled to take this drastic step considering the safety of all the students. A short syllabus for high school has also been published for grades 6 to 9 which was published on October 26, 2020. Then all the school authorities distributed the syllabus to their students. Almost all the students have collected their assignment sheets and are submitting them as per the rules.

ICT assignment in high school ICT

or information and communication technology is a major and important subject in the life of students. Information and communication technology or ICT is a compulsory subject for all students. In all the schools, the school authorities have distributed the ICT assignments among all the students. If you have not yet collected the assignment sheet, you can the assignment sheet from our website or contact your school to collect it.

No high school will take the annual exam this year. Thus, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE has published ICT assignments for classes 6,7,8,9 through which the merit of the students will be verified. We have also published the assignment on our website.

ICT assignment for class 8

Are you a 6th grader? Then this section is for you. From now on you will find all kinds of assignments on our website. And collect all assignments by contacting your school. Then he has to complete the whole assignment and re-submit it to your school.

Class 7 ICT Assignment

Class 7 ICT Assignment is also distributed by the school authorities, you will collect from there. You must submit the assignment within the day you collect the assignment. Needless to say, students must submit the assignment from attending school. So, you have to collect the assignment copy from the school, come to Buddy and complete the assignment and then go back to the school and submit it.

How to write an ICT assignment?

For the purpose of students, we are teaching the correct writing of assignments here.

Make a cover: When writing an assignment, you must make a cover for the assignment paper. Students have to provide all the information on that cover.

Answer the questions: You have to answer all the questions correctly. If it is not correct, you will not get the number or the assignment may be canceled. However, it will depend entirely on your school authorities.

Special Note: All students must use A4 size paper to write the assignment. And of the two pages of an A4 page, only the first page or the top page should be written. If you write on both sides of the same page, that page will not be accepted.

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Answer to ICT Assignment

Assignment questions have been or will be asked from the textbook you have been given. And the answers are given in the reading of the textbook. After reading them, you have to find out the answers to the questions given in your assignment and write the answers in the answer sheet accordingly.

I hope you understand the whole thing. If you have any more questions about the ICT Assignment, please comment in the comment box. We will answer. We love to hear questions from our readers.

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