Online colleges in USA for MBBS.

The advancements happening in the health sector are attracting many youngsters and middle-aged people to have a career in the field of medicine.


The health sector, which is the worst hit in terms of facilities and investment, is the one that is attracting many people because it provides good scope to have a well-sustained career and an ethically high valued profession.


One can go for research work in the field of medicine or can be a doctor, surgeon, or nurse in this field. The options are innumerable; hence, you can choose this field as a career option.


The most common type of course that one wishes to pursue to enter this field is by pursuing MBBS. MBBS degree is a bachelor’s degree that qualifies you as a bachelor, and after your postgraduation, that is, MD, you may be called a surgeon.

The major issue with MBBS in India is that it is only till the bachelor’s level, and to have a post-graduation you need to have an MD qualification. So, people generally prefer to study abroad in this course in order to save their life years and have an early doctor’s life.


MBBS that is pursued by one from the USA is equivalent to an MD done in India. It just takes four to five years to complete MD in the USA, and surprisingly this time span is only taken up by MBBS that is pursued in India.

Hence, students generally prefer to work abroad upon their medical degree and then practice a decent professional life in India.

The covid-19 era has resulted in strict restrictions when it comes to traveling abroad. Thus, education needs to be provided through online mode, which has become an essential requirement.

This article mainly talks about the USA colleges that offer the MBBS course via the online mode too.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in the United States of America

The basic eligibility criteria that one needs to follow up in order to pursue MBBS in the United States of America are-

1. He or She should be a 10th and 12th passed out student from a recognized school in India.

2. He or She should have a B.Sc degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Medicine or a field related to medicine.

3. Universities in the USA consider the scores secured by the student in NEET and MCAT too in consideration.

4. He or She should have proficiency in the English language.

Documents Required for MBBS

Below is a list of documents that are a prerequisite to applying for an MBBS course in the USA-

1. Resume of the applicant.

2. Letter of Recommendation by a professor or a higher authority.

3. Statement of Purpose.

4. A record of the student’s criminal history (if any).

5. English translation of Non-English transcripts.

Top Colleges in USA for MBBS

The top 7 colleges in the USA that offer online MBBS courses are-

1. Harvard University has a rating of #5 among all the other universities in the USA in its MBBS course. The time duration of the course offered by the infamous Harvard University is 5 years.

2. Stanford University: This university has a rating of #3. The duration of the MBBS course offered by Stanford University is about 6 years.

3. Yale University: Yale has a rating of #14. Yale University offers the MBBS course for a duration of about 4 years.

4. Columbia University: This educational institution has a rating of #19. Columbia University offers MBBS for 5 years.

5. Duke University: Duke University has a rating of #52. Duke University offers the course for 4 years.

6. University of California: California university has a rating of #48. The University of California offers the course for about 4 years.

7. Johns Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins University has a rating of #25. The Johns Hopkins University offers MBBS for about 4 years.


Thus, to have a good career in the field of medicine USA is a good option to go on with. The various opportunities that are being offered by the course studied in the US are worth counting.

One cannot restrict himself or herself from pursuing just becoming a doctor or a surgeon but can also go into the research field to continue as a medicinal scientist or a medicinal specialist.

Remember that in the development, due to high work schedules and a busy lifestyle, people develop mental traumas easily, and thus the field of psychiatrists is emerging there.

Thus, one specializing in this field can have golden opportunities for a professional career in the United States of America. The profession of a general practitioner is also very popular in the US.

The annual package of a doctor in the United States or one who graduated in the USA is worth 2,23,000 US dollars. This amount is plenty compared to a general practitioner’s fees in India.


1. Can I study MBBS online?

Yes, after the covid-19 era, one can pursue any course or educational utility by sitting at home and just studying using the computer systems they have. Even the government is taking various initiatives to benefit people from online education.

As per the National Medical Commission’s Circular, the theory classes for MBBS students studying from abroad must be made available online.


2. Can a student from an open school give NEET?

Yes, a student who has done his or her schooling in an open school can give the NEET exam. The NEET exam is basically an entrance exam for studying in Indian medical colleges. It is opted by students who wish to have a career in medicine or wish to be researchers in the field of health sciences.

The student who wishes to take the NEET exam must have biology as an additional subject in his twelfth class.

The various courses that can be pursued under the NEET exam are MBBS, BDS, and a graduate degree in Ayurveda, Yoga sciences, Unani medicine technique, and the Homeopathy medicinal system too.

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